Car diagnostic software has grown substantially in the last five to eight years. As computers become more integrated into car engines, engine problems are diagnosed with computers and software. Professional car mechanics have been using this type of software for many years. Car diagnostic software has completely changed the industry.


There are three different features in most car diagnostic software programs: input tools, interpretation logic, and model specific data. The primary purpose of car diagnostic software is to provide the mechanic or car owner with accurate information to assist in the troubleshooting process. The information this type of software can provide ranges from basic output of readings and comparison to standards to a list of possible issues based on the readings taken from the car. 

Modern cars have a computer processor installed in the engine compartment. The software collects the data from this processor and uses it to assist in the diagnosis. The actual data collected varies by model, but typically includes readings on engine temperature, gas output, electrical impulses, and gas consumption. All this information can be used to identify potential areas of difficulty or eliminate other areas as potential problems.   

Professional car diagnostic software is intended for use by a trained, professional mechanic. This type of software reviews all the data provided by the processor and provides the mechanic with the ability to input additional information or observations. Calculations and logic is used to provide a comprehensive list of possible issues. As the mechanic reviews the different options, he or she can update the system with additional information, resulting in a revised list of possible issues.

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